Here are some of my favorite…

Here are some of my favorite podcasts you can catch up on this weekend::

  • Joe Casabona has wrapped up season one of How I Built It. This is one of the more promising new WordPress podcasts, as Joe is a good interviewer, and is disciplined with these episodes. I’ve found value in pretty much every one I’ve listened to. In a recent episode, he chatted with Chris Lema about how Chris launched a new leadership brand.
  • Chris Lema also makes an appearance on ZenFounder where he talks about ways of networking and cultivating healthy, beneficial relationships with people.
  • Brian Gardner and Lauren Mancke interviewed Matt Mullenweg on a somewhat recent episode. They cover a variety of topics including Matt’s thoughts on generating revenue in the WordPress Ecosystem.
  • My friend Shawn Hesketh was interviewed about WP101 on Matt Report. Shawn is a master of processes, and a stickler for details running his successful learning-based business. (If y’all aren’t providing WP101 videos for clients, you’re missing out on easy education that will save you time.)
  • CodePen recently completed a 10-part mini series on their podcast, CodePen Radio, where they spoke with several companies (including Dribbble and Zapier) about their experiences running small businesses — talking everything from hiring, to cash flow, to growth).

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