Here’s a position you’ll be surprised…

Here’s a position you’ll be surprised by: Nick Hamze says WordPress themes are too expensive.

You are probably thinking what is Nick smoking, the last time I checked WordPress themes were cheap, like really cheap. True, they don’t cost a lot monetarily but I think cash is only one metric for measuring true cost. A more relevant metric is time. What do I mean by time? I’m talking about the time it takes for someone to set up a theme. Let’s get real. WordPress themes are more complex than they’ve ever been. I think this is a result of a crowded market where people add every feature they can think of in hopes of getting just one more sale. The term “multipurpose theme” gives me nightmares.

I love the imagination Nick brings to a variety of things in life (Have you seen his Etsy store? I’m kind of obsessed with it). I am really curious to see what he’s dreamed up, and excited that he’s working with Joey Kudish on it, as Joey is a top-notch developer.