Hexagon: a French language theme shop with an American / French partnership

Devin Price and Fx Benard are partnering in a new theme venture called Hexagon. It’s a French language theme shop.

Devin owns DevPress already, and he got to know Fx when Fx translated some of his themes into French. As the two began to collaborate, the idea for a French language theme shop came about and they started working together.

Devin tells me he only knows of two other French language theme shop. Additionally, I’ve seen some other non-English language sites have seeming success. Elma Studio comes to mind; it is a dual language English and German shop, with beautiful designs.

With the partnership, Fx will handle the content and documentation on the website, as well as support. Right now, they have two free themes and two paid themes.

They also plan to write tutorials for French speakers.

This is a great project and it’s exciting to see a partnership like this. I think language specific theme and product shops have a lot of potential, and I it’ll be fun to see how Hexagon is doing six months from now.

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