How we deploy WordPress themes

Brady Vercher shares on the Cedaro blog how their team deploys WordPress themes.

While researching potential solutions, I had a few goals and loose requirements in mind:

  • During development, we should be able to deploy a theme to a testing server so the team is always on the same page.
  • We should be able to easily update our demo servers with the latest version of a theme or push a quick bug fix. Running our themes on a live site also helps us discover any issues before pushing a release out to our customers.
  • Finally, we should be able to push a tagged release to our distribution repository.

Most of all, the solution needs to be frictionless, so it should be:

  • Easy to share among team members
  • Easy to configure and maintain
  • Reusable between projects
  • Secure by not requiring credentials in plaintext or even saved in the repository
  • Able to work with our existing tools and not introduce a new technology into our stack

They chose to use an npm tool called Shipit, and the process looks really nice.

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