I appreciated this post from Josepha…

I appreciated this post from Josepha Haden on “Fostering Collaboration Across Cultures.” There are some excellent tips for both team members and team leaders here.

Stereotypes can hinder communication, and I think even with the WordPress community being open and relatively peaceful, we are all human beings and all of us need to be aware of how we communicate with other teams. If you want to reflect on some higher level communication concepts, take some time out for this.

Josepha also published a final post for the WordPress 5.0 retrospective, documenting the results from the survey. Some key takeaways:

  • Two subjects dominated the suggestions for things to start doing in future releases: communication practices and documentation practices.
  • The most requested things to stop doing were mostly directed at leadership regarding communication (e.g., making decisions in private), process (e.g., releases immediately before significant events and holidays), and community (e.g., letting a feature focus consume the entire project.)
  • There was a lot of agreement about what went well, and many suggested changes have already been put into practice.

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