I highly recommend this article from…

I highly recommend this article from Jennifer Bourn on how to manage conflicts with freelance clients.

Jennifer covers some typical approaches to conflict management and how to handle client conflict “like a professional.” That means the conflict must be handled quickly and follow steps of listening, acknowledging, showing empathy, stating the facts, explaining the solution, and remaining firm. 👩‍💼

Another good tip: move all communication about the conflict away from email because “the intention and meaning of your words can be misinterpreted. Instead, get on a video chat or a phone call with your client so your client can see, hear, and interact with you face-to-face.”

Jennifer notes conflict isn’t always a bad thing: “When you collaborate with a client to overcome a conflict, it will strengthen the relationship and show that if any problems arise in the future, the client can rely on you to listen, evaluate, take action, and deliver a solution with grace.” 👍