I’m thankful for David Bisset, a…

I’m thankful for David Bisset, a valuable contributor to Post Status. This week, he’s working hard on WordCamp Miami. 🌴

As part of that effort, he wrote a post about what makes a successful WordCamp, as they head into their second decade of hosting.

So if it’s not profits or spending money how do you define success? As an organizer sometimes you do these events for so long that question fades and it doesn’t regularly get the time it deserves. So think about it in terms of an attendee – what makes you look back on it event months or years later after you attend something and associate that with positive thoughts? For everyone it’s different but WordCamp Miami believes that it boils down to two main things: meeting new people and learning new things. That sounds like such a basic answer, but in the end it is THAT basic.

It’s a great post with insights into what makes an event a success.

Also from WordCamp Miami: MyTalk.Rocks is a fun and simple app to give feedback to speakers. 🤘

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