Isolated and intrigued

Another outstanding story on HeroPress, this time from Sean Davis:

Finally, at 25 years old and 7 years deep into the Army (which was a planned career at that time), the habit of being isolated and intrigued began to serve its purpose.

I didn’t want to party on the weekends. I wanted to know how websites were built. I didn’t want to play video games with the rest of the Soldiers in my off time. I wanted to dabble in HTML and CSS.

I viewed WordPress as a world of opportunities. I was more intrigued than ever before. Because I was always willing to let that curiosity guide me, I found myself learning how to manipulate WordPress to work for me.

What does that mean for you, or for the person who does not come from a background that naturally leads to this “geeky” stuff? It means how you got here is irrelevant. Likewise, how everyone else got here is irrelevant.

I don’t remember the days when such and such language was written using so and so syntax and could only be compiled with XYZ program. I don’t even know what I just said. I never took a programming class. Not a single person in my family understands what I do. I do not identify with the developer culture at all and I have no history with it.

I was just a guy who stumbled across WordPress and was willing to stay up all night trying to understand what it was.

Definitely take the time to read the entire thing and absorb it. Sean has a great story.

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