It is proposal season on Make…

It is proposal season on Make Core. Three proposals are interesting to explore further:

  • Notifications API: proposed by John Blackbourn, a notifications API would enable developers to hook into WordPress email notifications to change the notification venue (to Slack, etc) and otherwise make various WordPress notifications much more flexible and extensible. It may or may not include the nag notifications in the WordPress dashboard, which also needs an API… naming stuff is hard.
  • Nick Halsey is proposing a 4.7 feature to be able to discover, preview, and install themes in the customizer. This is certainly a big extension in terms of what is appropriate for the customizer. Maybe it’s all the things, I’m not sure. I’m not sold yet on this.
  • Boone Gorges’ next great terms project appears to be adding a status API for terms. He outlines a lot of benefits, and how adding status to other WordPress objects has overall been quite beneficial. It would be a multi-release effort.

Expect more proposals soon…

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