J.R. Farr, CEO and Founder of…

J.R. Farr, CEO and Founder of MOJO Marketplace writes about how MOJO went about “reimagining” their marketplace, which boasts 5 million+ users.

I particularly enjoyed a tip about not getting trapped by a drive for perfection:

Believe it or not, we took a lot things out in the 11th hour that we felt weren’t ready for prime time. Things we felt like could wait. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a laundry list of features ready to go after we launch. There just comes a time when you need to draw the line.

If you want my advice, really force yourself to not be so in love with the idea of what you’re building to be perfect. Lose the romance or it will blind you.

J.R. also reflected on the past eight years in a fancy YouTube video, and they have a whole video-based show on the way. I’m intrigued by their new marketing push.

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