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James Koster shares some designs to help full site editing feel “more like a design tool”

James Koster has been posting some really nice design experiments for the full site editor interface. A key goal is to make the user experience less jarring:

instead of dropping [users] directly in edit mode, we might instead present their site in a navigable β€˜frame’, accompanied by a menu of features, where styles and navigation are presented on more appropriate footing next to templates.

James’ mockups clearly draw on the updated WooCommerce Admin, a project he’s long been centrally involved with. Its wide context-sensitive navigation menu is a nice big step forward based on the existing WordPress Admin navigation. Bringing that part of the Woo Admin back into WordPress for full site editing makes sense. As any WooCommerce admin user knows, it’s jarring to have to switch back to the old WordPress interface from the updated Woo interface.