JavaScript frameworks in a WordPress context — Draft podcast

Welcome to the Post Status Draft podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and via RSS for your favorite podcatcher. Post Status Draft is hosted by Joe Hoyle — the CTO of Human Made — and Brian Krogsgard.

Live from the A Day of REST workshops, Brian, Joe, and Zac talk about the state of working with JavaScript — including several popular JavaScript frameworks — and WordPress. They go through the pros and cons of using each one, what to watch out for when working with them and WordPress, and ways they think the process can improve.

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Sponsor: WP Migrate DB Pro

Today’s show is sponsored by Delicious Brains. WP Migrate DB Pro makes moving and copying databases simple. They  also have an exciting new project for merging databases, called Mergebot. Go to for updates on that, and for more information on WPMigrate DB Pro. Thanks to the team at Delicious Brains for being a Post Status partner.

Special Thanks: Bocoup

Special thanks to Bocoup for allowing us to record this podcast episode in their office. Bocoup was a partner and workshop host for A Day of REST, and were incredibly hospitable. Checkout Bocoup to learn more about how they embrace open source as a consulting agency.

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