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As digital analyst you’ll make sure the marketing team can make decisions based on data. With the help of various tools, you’re the one helping our teams taking the next step.

What are you going to do?

You will be responsible for configuring, managing, and utilizing our various martech & analytics platforms. Your job will be to identify issues and opportunities in our data, support other teams with reporting & analysis requirements, and help us to make better and more informed business decisions. You’ll also be working closely with our marketing and BI teams to ensure that our data is accurate, accessible, and actionable.

Who are you?

Are you a digital marketing enthusiast with a knack for developing effective campaign strategies? Are you skilled at measuring and optimizing web performance? We are searching for a detail-oriented digital marketing analyst who can excel in these areas and more. In this role, you will be responsible for crafting and implementing digital campaign and web measurement strategies that drive results. Your expertise in configuring tools such as Google Tag Manager,

Google Analytics, HotJar, and Helpscout will be pivotal in capturing crucial data and insights. With your meticulous attention to detail, you will ensure that campaign tracking is accurately configured and funnelled into meaningful analysis.

By collecting and analyzing customer, marketing, and web behavioral data, you will uncover valuable insights that will inform future marketing strategies and enhance customer engagement. You will corporate with the BI team to merge data sets, track performance, perform cohort analysis, identify opportunities and forecast future performance.

The marketing team will learn and optimize future campaigns based on your analysis. If you are a data-driven professional with a passion for optimizing digital campaigns and driving business growth, we’d love for you to join our team as our digital marketing analyst.

What are your skills?

A deep understanding of how martech systems work; including pixels, cookies, and URL parameters.
Experience with Excel / Google sheets, Google Analytics (4), Looker Studio and A/B testing.
Knowledge and understanding of digital marketing.
The ability to strategize, problem-solve, think critically, and identify patterns.
Excellent communication skills, with the ability to translate complex data into people-friendly terms.
Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or communications (or equivalent) is preferred, but not required.

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