Jonathan Bailey, copyright and plagiarism consultant…

Jonathan Bailey, copyright and plagiarism consultant at CopyByte, puts his thoughts down about the future of WordPress: “WordPress is at a crossroads… it faces a new threat, and it’s not a competitor but rather an ideology.” Jonathan believes the self-hosted WordPress experience cannot compete with easier (and cheaper) alternatives such as Medium and Shopify.

Although one might not completely agree with everything in this article, it’s certainly worth a read. If you’ve been involved with the WordPress space for a while or have seen some of the controversies surrounding Gutenberg, you know many of these concerns are not new. With improved hosting onboarding experiences, the current state of its popularity and community, and its still growing market share, WordPress will remain a popular choice. Of course, it’s facing more competition and challenges now. With the changes Gutenberg will bring just around the corner, we will have to wait a few years to see how this moment at the crossroads looks in the rearview mirror.

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