Liquid Web + GiveWP

Liquid Web’s Latest Acquisition: GiveWP

In a move many people have admitted they didn’t see coming, Liquid Web announced this week their acquisition of GiveWP. WP Business Reviews is also part of the deal. (Both belong to the brand.)

GiveWP and WP Business Reviews will join under a new brand, StellarWP. Stellar will house all of Liquid Web’s software assets. 🀝

This acquisition follows Liquid Web acquiring iThemes in 2018 and The Events Calendar in December 2020.

Devin Walker lists the “deal-breakers” that would have made the deal impossible. He notes that “little will change.” The team leadership and product are staying the same.

This story was the main topic for this week’s episode of The Excerpt β€” our tenth! And David asks Cory, are all acquisitions good for WordPress? Additionally, Brian spoke with Devin and Matt Cromwell about the deal in the latest episode of Post Status Draft. πŸŽ™οΈ

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