Made with WP: conversations with people who make things with WordPress

Chase Livingston and Chase Clemons host a number of podcasts on The Dispatch. Chase Livingston is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic and Chase Clemons does support for Basecamp.

Made With WP is one of the shows Chase & Chase produce. They’ve done five episodes so far, including conversations with Syed Balkhi, John Saddington, and Tom McFarlin. I was honored to be their most recent guest for episode 5. I talked to Chase Livingston about the WordPress community, my work at Range, Post Status, and the future of WordPress (in my eyes).

I think Made with WP is organized and well produced. I’m hopeful, and pretty confident, that it won’t be another too-short-lived podcast in our space.

You can help that happen by going and subscribing to the podcast and listening to past episodes!

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