Maintainn acquires WPSell, an eCommerce support and development business is a site that helps people get support and development services for eCommerce websites. David Rojas launched the site in April of this year, after working with Cart66 as a support technician and seeing that there “were a lot of folks that simply needed help getting their shopping cart(s) setup, configured and running properly.” As it turned out, wasn't a good fit for David's schedule, having taken on a new job, so he started looking for someone to take it on in November.

Maintainn, owned and operated by Shayne Sanderson, has purchased WPSell and all associated branding, domains, and customer base. Shayne left WebDevStudios in mid-November to go full-time with his growing Maintainn project. Maintainn has been in operation for a little over a year, achieving steady growth. Maintainn offers WordPress support and maintenance plans from $35 – $325 per month.

I talked to Shayne about the acquisition of WPSell, and our conversation is below:

What’s your primary motivation for purchasing WPSell?

My primary motivation for purchasing was that is mirrored our existing services so closely and it was a perfect fit for us. We obviously could offer some e-commerce packages at Maintainn but things could be a bit messy, so having a dedicated site for e-commerce with very targeted service plans was something that just made sense to me.

We do plan to restructure the site and the offerings but being able to offer support and customization services specifically for WordPress-based e-commerce sites is huge and allows us to help even more clients.

Is there a difference in technology or specific gain that you receive by bringing in an eCommerce-specific service?

WPSell’s services will run very similar to what is happening at Maintainn currently. There are obviously some differences so we have some great developers coming on board that are very experienced with systems like WooCommerce, EasyDigitalDownloads, WP Ecommerce and more that will be available for custom builds, modifications, etc.

This is just another “arm” of support that we can offer and with the ever-growing number of WordPress e-commerce sites this is a great thing for everyone.

How do you see Maintainn changing now that you are full time on the project?

Being full-time with Maintainn now is great and you will start seeing more things like this in the future. Having more time to dedicate to the project will bring more WordCamp sponsorships, attending more WordCamps, more time to give back to the community and more time to grow new “arms” of support.

I have lots of ideas that I’m excited about but I have to take things one day at a time! I see support as a very vital element and the more help we can provide to users, the happier they are using the platform and that’s great for not just me or other companies but for everyone – and that’s what the community is all about in my opinion.

Anything I forgot to ask that you think is interesting for Post Status readers?

I’m not sure if this is something interesting but we’ll be attending WordCamp Las Vegas next week and will also be at WordCamp Phoenix in January and would love to meet your readers so if they’re there make sure and come say hi!

Shayne will be relaunching WPSell's website in the spring. Congratulations to both David and Shayne for the successful transfer of this small, but unique, WordPress business.