Marieke van de Rakt via HeroPress…

Marieke van de Rakt via HeroPress writes about finding her place at Yoast. At one point, she writes, she felt she wouldn’t be taken seriously: “People outside of Yoast often assumed that I was Joost’s assistant or his secretary.” 🙋‍♀️

Marieke’s path might inspire others with the value of steady work and learning:

“In 2015, I started talking at conferences. Over time, I got more comfortable and less insecure. I was more confident that I knew what I was doing. Working hard and studying a lot pays off.”

Even after assuming the role of CEO, Marieke still had to deal with the prejudiced assumptions of people who believed she only got the job by being married to the founder. She was also the only woman on the board and management team.

Under Marieke’s leadership, Yoast has hired more women and others from underrepresented groups. Her story should inspire other companies to do the same.

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