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Carolyn Shelby

Carolyn Shelby has been navigating the digital frontier since 1994, starting her journey as the co-founder and managing partner of an Internet Service Provider near Purdue University. A seasoned expert in technical and enterprise SEO, Carolyn has dedicated her career to optimizing the web presence of businesses and not-for-profits, with a special focus on the WordPress platform.

At Tribune Publishing, Carolyn led SEO strategies for iconic newspapers like the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, marrying data-driven insights with editorial excellence. Her recent role as Principal SEO at Newfold Digital and Yoast marks her as a pivotal figure in shaping SEO practices within the WordPress ecosystem, demonstrating a keen understanding of how to leverage the platform for maximum visibility and engagement.

A mentor and thought leader, Carolyn’s contributions extend beyond her professional achievements. She is actively involved in enriching the WordPress community with her insights on advanced SEO techniques, making the web a better place for publishers and content creators alike.


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