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Leo Gopal

Leo Gopal is a writer of Code and Poetry, sometimes they are the same thing.

Leo Gopal has been part of the WordPress Community since he was a teenager (over a decade).

Former Founder of WPHugs he is now part of the BigOrangeHeart team as a Mental Health Advisor.

Having been a Codeable Happiness Engineer, and now Codeable Expert Community Advocate his ability to help the developer community lead to his transition to the role of Codeable Expert Community Advocate with the awesome team at Codeable.io by day.

Other contributions in the WordPress Community have been as: Core Contributor, Plugin Developer, Translation Contributor, Multiple WordCamp Organiser and Speaker, as well as local Meetup Organiser.

In 2023, he has been voted to serve as a WordPress.org Community Team Rep.

Ultimately he has an immense passion for contemplating the world and himself. Sometimes, the world within himself, or himself within the world.

Firm believer in:

“Jack of all trades – Master of none. Though oftentimes, better than master of one“

– Aspiring Jack

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