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Winstina Hughes

Winstina is your board member that bridges the gap. Her combination of tech savviness, public service, and strategic planning, execution, and passion for building inclusive communities through open-source solutions gives her insights for public and private partnerships.

With 15 years coexisting in government and WordPress, Winstina has experience in planning, public policy and transportation and a deep understanding of both the technical and human aspects of creating sustainable, inclusive communities. Her experience spans local and state government and landed her as a finalist in the Sustainable NJ Coding for Community competition, where she built a WordPress platform for the City of East Orange’s planning department.

In 2022, Winstina launched Support Inclusion in Tech, an initiative with partners to support underrepresented speakers worldwide by covering their travel expenses to WordCamps. She co-organizes the largest WordPress meetup in the world, connecting over 9,500 members and fosters a vibrant tech community.



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