Mesh, by Automattic, promises “effortless photo galleries”

I stumbled upon a new app by Automattic today.

Mesh, it appears, is another project in the works by the “Skunkworks” labs team at Automattic. The app promises “effortless photo galleries” and “lets you share stories from your phone to any of your friends across blogs, social networks, and apps.”

It looks pretty much like CloudUp’s gallery feature, but I presume the cross-device promise is what they aim to make different.

I found the app because the oEmbed on Toni Schneider’s blog 404’d on RSS, and it’s doing it on archives too. I presume he’s just alpha testing it. I haven’t seen any announcements on this yet, but it wouldn’t be Automattic’s first foray into tangential apps.

I’ll let you know if and when I learn more.

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