Meta announcements and introductions

I’m super excited to be able to share two bits of site news today that will have a big impact.

Japh Thomson to be Guest Editor

First, I’m happy to announce that Japh Thomson will be the Post Status Guest Editor for the first couple of weeks after my kid arrives (which could happen any time this month — due date is the 18th).

Members are hopefully already familiar with Japh. He is a Product Manager at Human Made, and hails from Australia. Japh has been a Post Status reader since the beginning, is a terrific community member, great developer, and has excellent judgement on the WordPress ecosystem. The newsletter and site editorial needs will be in outstanding hands while I’m out.

Japh’s involvement is the first part of a Post Status + Human Made collaborative partnership that starts with this, with potential for further collaboration in the future. Tom, Joe, and Noel are great supporters of mine and we’re working on a variety of ways we can work together. They are sponsoring Japh’s time on Post Status, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

Human Made is an awesome company with an amazingly talented team, and they are at the forefront of WordPress client services. They also have some really fun products. They are hiring; if you’re in the job market, you’d be remiss not to apply.

Katie Richards to be Editorial Assistant

Next, I’m thrilled that Katie Richards is joining Post Status as our first Editorial Assistant. Katie will assist me in a variety of site and administrative functions, and help keep a tight ship as Post Status continues to grow.

Some of you may know Katie already, and if you don’t you may know her husband, Brian Richards; Brian runs WP Sessions and is a Club Member. Katie has a lot of administrative experience and knows her way around WordPress. It’s an ideal situation and I’m really pleased to have her on board.

Growth and planning

It’s really exciting that Post Status has had steady growth. Having processes and people in place to help me administer the site allows me to do healthy things like take vacation or paternity leave.

Japh and Katie are key folks that I know I can trust, and combined with some strategic planning, enable me to take Post Status to the next level as a bigger, better, more sustainable publication for a long time to come to come. I hope you’ll welcome both of them and say hi to them in Slack!

Now, back to regularly scheduled business.

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