Michelle Gienow writes on the Gatsby…

Michelle Gienow writes on the Gatsby blog about Diem.com, “a Facebook-led global payment system website” choosing Gatsby and WordPress for building the site.

Dfuzr Technologies CEO Jason Williams described inheriting this setup when tasked with building a new site for Diem:

β€œWe saw the virtue of using Gatsby β€” we’re all React developers, and Gatsby just seemed to fit the bill. Plus we recognized that things had matured in the meantime.”

He also noted that “Facebook has a lot of properties on WordPress VIP, and they have very specific requirements around scalability, security, supportability, so many different things.”

By installing Gatsby’s new gatsby-source-WordPress plugin and adding WPGraphQL-enabled endpoints, “WordPress content became accessible in Gatsby’s data layer and available to use in React templates.” ✨

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