Mika Epstein tackles the common concerns many…

Mika Epstein tackles the common concerns many people have about Gutenberg as its debut in WordPress 5.0 approaches. Most themes and plugins don’t interface with the post editor or custom meta boxes, so they will be fine. For those that do involve the editor interface or meta boxes, Mika notes it may be a bit of a rocky road. It’s true, however, that innovation is necessary and sometimes a little painful.

Hardeep Asrani over at codeinwp explains how to adapt your plugin to Gutenberg.

There have been a lot of articles recently, such as this one by Kevin Ball, that have focused on understanding higher order components in React and Gutenberg.

Micah Wood blogged about JavaScript translations in Gutenberg, which I appreciated because it’s hard to come by this information, and if you do find anything useful, it’s usually in bits and pieces. Micah documents the entire process from start to finish.

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