MOJO Marketplace (owned by EIG), introduces ThemeCloud, for quick-start WordPress websites

ThemeCloud is a new strategy from MOJO Marketplace, a subsidiary of hosting behemoth EIG, that aims to enable quick-start WordPress websites.

The offering sits somewhere in the middle between a hosted solution and managed hosting. The biggest pitches are access to a number of otherwise commercial themes, and an auto setup process so that the theme looks, “just like the demo.”

ThemeCloud costs just under $100 per year for low traffic sites, and around $180 per year for ~150,000 visits per month. An eCommerce offering is around $300 per year.

I can definitely see the appeal of ThemeCloud’s promise for EIG customers. What I don’t see is why such an offering is isolated as its own thing, and not integrated into each EIG-backed subsidiary.

This is one of many similar offerings I can assure you we’ll see come along. Getting the flexibility and power of WordPress with the promise of a simple setup and little configuration has a great deal of appeal. And if done well, the benefits can be provided by hosting companies (and others) for relatively little additional cost.

It’s pretty awkward that there is another company that promises a very similar service, with the exact same name, based in Paris. I love their tweet about it.

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