Moving Dashicons from an icon font to SVG

Mel Choyce has started the conversation on Make Core to change WordPress’s Dashicons icon font to SVG:

In the next couple months, we’re going to focus on converting the Dashicons icon font in core to SVG. The process of adding and updating the Dashicons font is an incredibly labor intensive, tedious process that is currently limited to a small number of people who have the ability to add new characters to the .glyphs source file. By moving to SVG, we’re not only making the process easier for Dashicons maintainers, but also making the process of adding and updating icons easier and more open to the entire design community.

You’re probably already familiar, but Dashicons is the icon set that WordPress core uses in the admin, and plugins also have the ability to use it.

This is a great move. I did a lot of research on SVG versus icon fonts late last year and SVG totally rules. And with workable fallbacks, even old browsers will be okay.

If you aren’t already using SVG, you should seriously read some of the posts by Chris Coyier that Mel links. They are the same ones that convinced me.

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