Nginx now supports HTTP/2

After an alpha release, Nginx now supports HTTP/2 in version 1.9.5. Importantly, with the support of HTTP/2, sites that support it must also use SSL/TLS, and SPDY is no longer supported in Nginx.

Please note that this release removes support for SPDY. In the NGINX 1.9.x branch, we have completely removed the SPDY module from the codebase and replaced it with the HTTP/2 module. After moving to 1.9.5, you can no longer configure NGINX to use SPDY. If you would like to keep using SPDY, it will continue to be supported in the NGINX 1.8.x branch.

Not very long ago, HTTP/2 support for Nginx was pretty tough. No longer! It’s also really neat that Automattic contributed (along with Dropbox) to sponsor the development of the new feature.

Enabling HTTP/2 is simply one of the listen directives in your setup. It’s only a matter of time before your host starts offering this for sites with SSL/TLS enabled.

Don’t know anything about HTTP/2? Nginx has a white paper that can walk you through it. Basically, it makes the web faster! Word.

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