Not all of these are new,…

Not all of these are new, but they are new to me. Here are several interesting plugins I’ve discovered recently:

  • The Mozilla web apps team has released a free plugin called Offline Content that uses the Service Workers API and browser’s Cache API to allow your users to access — as the name indicates — the contents of your site while offline. This is a really great opportunity for bridging the app to web gap that currently exists.
  • Meta Pixie is a plugin that helps debug and visually view meta data structure on your WordPress site. It supports post, comment, term, site, and user meta, and looks super useful for those times you’re unsure of exactly how a website’s data is architected.
  • The Advanced Bulk Actions plugin from Jesper van Engelen adds new bulk actions to your admin panel on the posts, pages and users overviews. It’s still in development and Jesper is looking for further feedback to add more actions. It currently supports bulk editing of featured images, changing post types (so something like page > portfolio), and changing post visibility.
  • If you (or a client) ever want to edit just a string or two in WordPress, but donn’t want to pull out PoEdit or another solution, then give the Say What? plugin from Lee Willis may help. It has over 10,000 installs, and I’ve heard it come up in conversation with several developers recently.
  • Here’s a new plugin that adds the new locale / language selector for users in the WordPress toolbar, so that users can switch the language in the front-end of the site as well as the admin.

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