Dev Notes

WordPress developer Jonathan Bossenger shares his 2020 web development setup. He uses Firefox and Chrome along with PHPStorm and a wide selection of GUI and CLI tools. Some may be new to you. 🛠️

Francesca Marano wrote a refresher on what it means to be a component maintainer and who qualifies. (Being a maintainer and a committer are two separate things.) Francesca says “a passion for your component” is “the most important thing” — and making sure you have the time available.

If you passionately believe something should be in core, check out this post. 👷‍♀️

For those who wanted a full list of private functions and classes in WordPress core, Jonny Harris has provided one. He notes: “I created the list to add it to the WP coding standards, to highlight to developers that they should not be using these functions/classes in their plugins.”

Carl Alexander explains why raising the minimum PHP version in WordPress doesn't make it a “modern PHP project.” The also lists the steps that could be taken now to close that gap.

In a follow-up tweet, Carl added, “I think the larger issue is that there's no real desire to make these changes in the first place. There are plenty of people with experience that would gladly help if that was a priority.

Claire Brotherton analyzed the accessibility of two WordPress page builders side by side: Beaver Builder and Elementor. Claire's tests are extensive; they include widgets and UI. Results appear to be a mixed bag, with both plugins still having more work to do. 🚧

In another accessibility comparison, Scott Vinkle looked at keyboard and screen readers in native video players. Scott “found most video players have poor keyboard and screen reader support,” so he recommends using them only “with caution.” 📺

If you ever wanted to develop expertise in browsers, Eric Law has put together an impressive list, from books to tools. 📚