Why I’m done with social media buttons

I get asked at least once a month to put sharing buttons on Post Status. Yesterday, I read Sam Solomon’s reasoning about why he’s done using them in his designs.

Also, the comments from Hacker News had some good insight, including a link to this in-depth piece from Josh Benton at the Nieman Lab on why they aren’t as big of a deal as many think (coincidentally, I posted my own interview with Josh yesterday – go listen!). Smashing Magazine actually increased their Facebook traffic when they removed the like button from their site.

While I do plan to include some form of social sharing on this website in an upcoming iteration, I just don’t think they are that important, and my implementation will be quite subtle. Quite frankly, I think they are often just more junk on a website, and I think we should be more discerning in how we use them on our own sites and for clients.