Where do independent commercial theme authors go from here?

After reading Jake Caputo's post that went nuts, Matt's comments there, and Collis' reply on WP Daily, I'm left feeling lost. If individuals want to stay involved in the community, but also want to sell themes, what do they do? Are they forced to sell only on their own sites, and forego a large audience an existing marketplace can provide? Will a new marketplace come about? Should WordPress.org showcase commercial themes? What is the way forward?

The WordPress Foundation and Envato seem ready to hold their positions long term. Meanwhile, we have to choose whether it's a bigger priority to get involved with our local meetups and WordCamps, or not distribute our work on the biggest marketplace in the world. So I ask you, what's the best way forward for people stuck in the middle?

Maybe we can not yell about whose fault it is anymore (I'm guilty of this too), and instead we can discuss what the options are. I'd love to see a mature conversation, with input from people selling themes already, people that may want to in the future, or people that have a better magic 8 ball to predict the future than I do.