NUX: New User Experience versus Novel User Experience

Andy Skelton discusses two types of NUX: New User Experience and Novel User Experience.

  • (NU)X is the experience provided to new users. (New User)’s Experience
  • N(UX) is when any user experiences something unfamiliar. Novel (User Experience)

“NUX” commonly means (NU)X. We use “new users” to refer to people who are signing up and starting to use the service. “NUX” therefore refers to the signup flow and maybe some early interactions.

I prefer to think in terms of N(UX) because it’s user-centric and personalized. (NU)X is an onboarding process with an end whereas N(UX) treats novelty from the viewpoint of the user throughout their lifetime. You can apply N(UX) thinking to (NU)X but that’s not where it ends. And not every (NU)X is a N(UX).

Andy notes that he’s been working on for 10 years and he’s, “constantly getting N(UX)ed.” I think this is a good reminder for all of us that user experience can be new even when the user is not. Discerning when a non-new user may be experiencing a N(UX) moment gives us opportunity to help them along, whether via a pointer, help-text, or other guide.

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