Ohad Eder-Pressman recently wrote an “open…

Ohad Eder-Pressman recently wrote an “open letter” to Matt Mullenweg on the subject of JamStack. This seems to come in response to Matt's comments in an email exchange with Richard MacManus in which Matt didn't find favor with the technology at this time.

There are several people in the WordPress community who have had an enjoyable experience with JamStack technologies. It is a trendy technology right now that is not without its pitfalls and challenges β€” some of which are being handled by for-profit and non-profit organizations.

I tend to side with Matt in his view that the technology isn't there yet, and I am not convinced it would replace WordPress and non-JamStack technologies in terms of market share. But I do want to see the technology move forward, and I think there are some in the WordPress community doing great things with it in conjunction with WordPress and without it. πŸ₯ž

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