On the morning of April 19th…

On the morning of April 19th (Monday) Automattic released a new plugin called Jetpack Boost on the WordPress.org repo. The plugin is focused on performance and SEO issues users might have with their sites. πŸš€

Boost has three “performance modules:”

  1. Optimize CSS Loading generates critical CSS for your homepage, posts, and pages. This can make your content show up on the screen much faster, particularly for viewers using mobile devices.
  2. Defer Non-Essential Javascript moves some rendering tasks to happen after the page loads so important visual information can be seen sooner.
  3. Lazy Image Loading only loads the images the user can see when they can see them.

Sarah Gooding took some initial benchmarks. πŸ“ˆ

Dan Walmsley, one of the engineers at Automattic who worked on Boost, shared how much XWP and WordPress VIP were involved in product development:

“We relied heavily on their expertise with high-end sites to distill the most effective, bulletproof optimizations for free for regular folks. It’s very hard to make performance optimization simple, but I really think we got the formula right.”

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