Open metrics from UltimateMember

I’ve had my eye on UltimateMember since it launched. It’s been quite popular on the WordPress plugin repo and they now have paid add-ons as well. The plugin makes member directories much easier to make.

Honestly, I wish I found this plugin before I built my own directories. It was about a month too late for me.

Nevertheless, the UltimateMember team has a page on their website called “Open Metrics” where they’re using the EDD REST API to show live data of sales and reporting for their business. Along the transparency theme I’ve been so obsessed with lately, I find this to be really outstanding. I hope they wrap it up as a plugin of its own; I think a lot of EDD shop owners would utilize something like this.

Gathered from the data, UltimateMember already has 90+ orders in their first month of business, and around $4,500 in revenue. It seems they’ve found a good market opportunity with this product.