Post Status Partner Retreat

This year at Post Status our vision is to Give, Grow, Together

That starts with building quality relationships and growing our community. We believe quality relationships and community starts with time spent together, giving of ourselves, and helping each other grow. 

When and where is this event:

Date: February 8-11th 2022

Location: OKC Oklahoma

What should I expect from this event?

  • Build and deepen great relationships – Meet new people and reconnect with old friends. Share what you have learned, deepen your foundation and understanding, see how you can help each other.
  • Win together – support and help for accomplishing your objectives in 2022.
Support & Camaraderie
You’ll spend time connecting with people who know and understand your goals and challenges. Build your support system and be a support for others.
Connect, Network
You’ll connect with potential partners and expand your network. Form partnerships that will be the building blocks of your business’s growth.
You’ll learn about how others have approached their goals and challenges and what their outcomes have looked like.

Key Questions you will be asked during our event

  1. What are you trying to do this quarter, this year?
  2. What do you need/wish/want to get there?
  3. What are the obstacles to achieving your goals?

What we need from you to reach our objective.

To accomplish our objectives, we need you to be ready to give, grow, together

Come to this event with an open mind and be ready to learn from shared experiences.

Be prepared to share what you want to get done. Put yourself out there and invest in relationships. Together we accomplish our goals.

A2 Hosting