Photos from Post Status Publish and WordCamp US 2016

The first Post Status Publish and WordCamp US 2016 were both last week. Brian Richards and I took some pictures, and here they are.

Last week was a whirlwind of events. On Thursday, December 1st, I hosted the inaugural Post Status Publish, which was a ton of fun. And following that event, we had three straight days of WordCamp US.

Brian Richards and I teamed up to take pictures and cover the event.

Post Status Publish

Publish was on Thursday. We have a lot of video, but fewer pictures. Here is a selection taken by Brian Richards. If you took photos at Publish, we'd love to see them as well!

WordCamp US

Then there was WordCamp US. I unfortunately didn't get to any sessions other than Matt's State of the Word. But thankfully they'll all be up on, so I can catch up on the many that I wanted to attend.

All photos directly before and during Matt's State of the Word are by Brian Richards. I took most of the hallway shots.

WordCamp US Contributor Day

Finally, Contributor Day was on Sunday. In addition to the contributor area itself, lunch was at the market where you can choose from a variety of lunch spots, with common cafeteria seating. I had an awesome spicy roast pork sandwich from Dinic's, which I took a few pictures of as well.

I'll have more coverage of both Publish and WordCamp US for Post Status Members in the coming days. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures! If you'd like to use any of them, you are free to do so, and while credit is not required, it's always appreciated.