Post-acquisition interview with WooThemes co-founder Mark Forrester

Mark Forrester did his first post-acquisition interview with the South African startup blog, VentureBurn. It’s a good interview that has some nice background information as well as a couple of new details on the acquisition.

While the figures behind the bootstrapped company’s buy remain hush-hush, Forrester tells Ventureburn that the acquisition is the biggest Automattic has made to date, both in terms of company size and valuation. He also notes that while the rumoured US$30-million is off target, it is a good ballpark.

I wonder how many millions of dollars Mark considers a “ballbark”. 🙂

I also appreciated what Mark had to say about what challenges they faced as a company based in South Africa. Apparently most VC firms wanted them to immediately move the company elsewhere to make things easier. Even with the Automattic acquisition there are quite a few hurdles to leap to make sure everything goes through properly.

I enjoyed the interview, and if you are hungry for more on WooMattic, you may too.


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