Post Status + Envato = Party

Post Status and Envato are partnering to put on a fun event at PressNomics.

You must be a Post Status Club Member to attend this event. You can purchase a membership here. Fortunately, it turns out a full HALF of PressNomics attendees are already Post Status Members, which is incredible. So, let the FOMO set in if you are going to PressNomics but aren’t a member: this Club (and this party) is for you.

Date: Thursday, March 3rd

Time: 9:30 — until

Where: Blasted Barley

Cost: FREE (for Post Status Club Members)

We’ll have an open bar starting at 9:30 pm, which is right after the speaker/sponsor dinner. Members will receive wristbands to be able to get free drinks. Members will receive an email with a code on it so that you can claim the wristband from the attendant at the party.

We have the entire patio of Blasted Barley to ourselves. Blasted Barley is a short walk from the main venue, so no driving should be necessary. They have cornhole, skiball, and ping pong, plus a great beer and cocktail selection. Here are directions to Blasted Barley from the Tempe Palms Mission Hotel.

Please RSVP so we have an idea of what to expect. 

PressNomics Party RSVP

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  • So we can send you the wristband code to get drinks.
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