Safe in-person events

Post Status In-Person Events

Post Status will host some in-person, small group events in 2022. We believe in our community’s ability to come together safely with regard to one another’s health and wellness. We are making plans to have safe gatherings for those who choose to attend them.

We welcome all community members, per invitation and/or registration, depending on the event. But of course, no one will be required to attend any event they are not prepared for or which they feel uncomfortable attending. No Post Status staff or volunteers will ever be required to attend an in-person event.

Our community has indicated they are ready, willing, and desirous of in-person events, and we want to be able to provide opportunities for professional growth in small, safe groups.

We will always meet in accordance with CDC recommendations and local regulations and statutes.

  • Our attendees will have to provide a recent COVID test showing negative results. (COVID tests will be available for attendees.)
  • Attendees will have to be symptom-free, regardless of negative results.
  • Temperature checks will be taken before anyone can enter the meeting space.
  • Medical-grade masks will be required at all times except when attendees are actively eating or drinking. (Masks will be provided if attendees do not have proper masks. Cloth masks may only be worn over medical grade masks, not as substitutes for them.)
  • Social distancing protocols will be observed according to individual attendee comfort levels, as displayed on their name badges.
  • See our complete COVID attendance policy here.

2022 is our year to Give. Grow. Together. Sometimes that will be online, and sometimes we will be able to do that in the same physical space.

However you choose to be together with us, we welcome you.

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