Post Status Upgrade: Group Facilitation Skills

Learn new skills and build your knowledge to enhance your career in WordPress! Post Status Upgrade is an ongoing series of live workshops centered around a particular skill or learning activity.

Post Status’ motto β€” Give, Grow, Together β€” is more than just a phrase we repeat a lot. We live our motto. This training will give you key insights into how to facilitate group conversations with an eye to giving and growing together.

This is a training workshop for anyone who wants to be a facilitator or a participant in the small groups that Post Status will be rolling out soon for its members.

Group Facilitation Skills with Corey Wilks.
Corey Wilks

Corey Wilks is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach. His mission is to help founders, creators, and entrepreneurs build an Intentional Life using evidence-based psychology.

“How do I define an Intentional Life? Spending your most precious resourceβ€”timeβ€”doing meaningful, purpose-driven work that fulfills you. It’s about clarifying your Core Value, embracing your authenticity, and reaching your potential by building your life, and your business, around what resonates with you on a fundamental level.”

Dr. Corey Wilks

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