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CauseLabs is a web agency with over 15 years of expertise using business and technology as a force for good. We are a full-service agency offering strategy, design, web development, continuous improvements, hosting, and website care plans. Our mission is simple; grow positive impact. Everything from the projects we choose to our decisions about supply chain or company operations serves this mission and aligns with our core values.

This has resulted in CauseLabs being a brand that serves many nonprofits and businesses with social and environmental goals. Companies looking to improve inclusion, reduce their carbon footprint, understand the impact of their supply chain, or work towards sustainable development goals, work with us to take a human-centered, impact-driven approach to their projects. While people come to us asking for a website, those in the industry of delivering websites know it is more than just a website.

Choosing WordPress as a core framework in our stack aligns with our desire for community-driven progress and allows us to appreciate and connect with agency partners to help offer our clients the specialties and expertise needed to achieve positive outcomes. This interdependence is something that helps us thrive as a web agency and helps our clients deliver better tools to their communities.

What seems like a simple web project can make a difference and likely makes a difference in ways that you do not anticipate or currently measure. See our annual impact reports at

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