Anil Gupta

Anil is the Technopreneur with more than 10 years of experience coding, thinking and leading the business with mind and people with heart. @Multidots - he is following his vision to build a business that takes care of customers as well as employee and community. Anil ❤️ to travel around the world, yoga, meditation & watching movies.

With a degree in computer science, he always has the vision to build a business that takes care of customers as well as employee and community thus he co-founded Multidots in 2009 and since then as a CEO & Co-Founder of Multidots – he and his team are on this mission. He has published and shared his experiences about his entrepreneurship journey and all the lessons he has learned and spoken at various events.

He co-founded Multidots a web & mobile apps development agency in 2009. Multidots has 100+ employee and customers include are lean startups, Inc. 5000 Companies and global enterprises. Multidots is growing day by day with both satisfied customers and happy employees. Multidots is the proud & active contributor in WordPress & WooCommerce community and built 200+ WordPress websites, 50+ WordPress Plugins.

When he is not working, He is a complete health freak – doing Yoga and Meditation for achieving mindfulness. And keep experimenting different ways stay healthier – physically and emotionally. Traveling is his second biggest passion. He makes sure to take the time out to see the world, learn new things from every culture and explore and experience communities around the globe while visiting tech conferences.

He also loves contributing to the tech communities and so He is a regular visitor at WordCamps (local and worldwide) and even attend local meet-ups to learn, network, share and grow. He also enjoys reading books for inspiration and his favourite ones are Good to Great by Jim Collins and the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

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