Post Status Publish: Online Edition

Post Status Publish is focused on web professionals. It includes 14 streaming and downloadable presentations, plus an opportunity to chat with like-minded folks.

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For Publish Online, we have gathered unique voices on the web from the WordPress community to share their knowledge and insight. The event is focused on two major themes:

  • WordPress Core Processes and Vision
  • WordPress and Web Business

What you need to know

Date: Streaming Live on July 8th and 9th, 2019. Available for re-watching by all Post Status members forever.

Location: The Internet. Watch at

People: Post Status members and community leaders.

Watch: Stream it for free, live, on the day of the event.

Current Members: You get the event free no matter what — catch the stream or watch it later. You also get full transcripts and audio versions.

Post Status Publish is not affiliated with any WordCamp or WordPress itself.

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