Recommended reading

I asked on Twitter what folks best thing they read in the last year was, whether an article or book. Here are some of the responses, with links to their Goodreads pages:

I have only read the last one, from a previous recommendation, and Abundance is in my queue, based on Corey recommending it to me before. It looks like I have some reading to do!

My only recommended non-fiction book right now is Milestones: The Story of WordPress (link to ebook formats), by Siobhan McKeown, but I do have a couple of articles or article series that particularly impacted me this year:

  • What is Code? (link to my summary) by Paul Ford is an amazing piece of writing, well worth the investment to read this incredibly long piece.
  • With his Procrastination series (link goes to my summary), Tim Urban explained my brain to me.

Is there something you’ve read that just keeps coming back to you? Share it with me, or in the Post Status Slack!


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