Results of a WordPress maintenance survey

Jenny Beaumont did a survey of 124 professional WordPress service providers in May and has published the results. 77% of the people she surveyed offer long term maintenance for their clients, and they offer a variety of services, using a variety of tools.

The rates they charge are a bit too diverse to be useful in my opinion, but she shows that too. However, my favorite bit of the survey is her responses to some of the common sentiments expressed for why some folks don’t do maintenance.

She makes a couple of great points, and I’ll only steal one to quote here:

1. “I don’t have the time or the resources.” I started to wonder, how long could it really take? After calculating my time spent over the last 6 months, I’m averaging around 6 minutes per site per month. Even if that’s low, and it would take me 10 minutes per site, with 17 active maintenance contracts, I’m spending approximately 3 hours per month. I can afford that.

See the full survey results on her blog.

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