Sallie Goetsch has built a plugin…

Sallie Goetsch has built a plugin that generates a portfolio Custom Post Type whose entries are pre-populated with core Gutenberg blocks. When you create a new portfolio item, the blocks are pre-arranged in a template to make it easier to create a project case study.

Tess Needham at VIP blogged about Amnesty International using Gutenberg to build new sites, publish, and manage content on their new platform launching in September.

Jason Cohen explains how Gutenberg will affect Genesis and how Genesis will support the transition.

Developers that normally change the markup of their blocks after it’s in use will cause the block to break in the editor. Mike McAlister writes on how to deprecate code and possibly avoid this. Even so, Mike notes that “deprecating can get pretty messy if you are constantly changing the markup of your blocks… I would advise planning your blocks accordingly and thinking hard about any future use cases that may come up.”

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