Sally Strebel, co-founder of Pagely, opens…

Sally Strebel, co-founder of Pagely, opens up space via HeroPress for a lot of insight and reflection based on her experiences with sexism in the corporate world — even at WordCamps:

“I had to make the conscious choice to decide if I wanted to be right or be successful. I chose to focus on success and also I didn’t get here alone. Many wonderful men and women helped. I had to laser focus on my goal which was to provide the best hosting experience regardless of minor annoyances along the way.”

🚧 Sally also offers some ways for women to deal with these potential barriers and roadblocks:

“If there’s not room for you at a table, figure out something else. Perhaps, kindly discuss the observation, or create your own table. Life’s too short to be unhappy in someone else’s world. Create your own and invite others. WordPress is a great place to do that.”

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