Sand Dollars Pippin Williamson has written…

Sand Dollars

Pippin Williamson has written another year-end review post about Sandhills Development — what they achieved and the struggles they encountered. This post is very detailed and lengthy as we have come to expect. Pippin notes his company has grown to 24 on the digital side, and 14 on the brewery side. 🍻

Pippin’s breakdown of Sandhills’ core product revenue is notable:

  1. AffiliateWP: $1,272,293.46
  2. Easy Digital Downloads: $1,009,080.44
  3. Payouts Service: $24,446.03
  4. Restrict Content Pro: $467,806.26
  5. Sugar Calendar: $6,282.75
  6. WP Simple Pay: $307,743.63

Among their 2020 goals, Sandhills is aiming to surpass $4,000,000 in gross revenue and maintain a 20% profit margin. 📈

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